St. Croix River Info

The St. Croix River is a sixth-order steam draining a 20,018 km2 area in east-central Minnesota and northwestern Wisconsin. The 276 km mainstream includes a 1,889 ha natural lake at its mouth and two small reservoirs created by the 3.7 m high Gordon Dam and the 18 m high St. Croix Falls Dam. Historically, the St. Croix River has hosted 110 species of fish representing 24 families. There are 41 mussel species in the basin. In 1968, with the enactment of the National Wild and Scenic Rivers Act, 165 km of the St. Croix River became one of the first eight rivers to become part of the National Wild and Scenic River way system. In 1972, 87 km of the lower St. Croix River were added to the system.

Pictures of different river stages of the St. Croix River

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